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Please feel free to contact me by note or email if you ever have any questions or concerns! 

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Union Ridge School Information  
Please do your best to arrive to school on time in the morning Kindergarten arrival is 8:45am-8:55am in the back of school. Teaching Assistants will assist with arrival and try to move the lines inside at 8:55am at the first bell. If you find yourself running late and the lines have already entered the building, please escort your child to the main office to obtain a tardy slip.

Please do not knock on exterior classroom doors after the line has entered, for safety and security reasons we are not allowed to let students enter this way after the 9:00am bell. After 9:00am your child is tardy. You will need to walk your child around to the office to obtain a tardy slip. Students will not be admitted to class after 9:00am without a tardy slip. 

Excessive student tardiness (5 or more) will prompt contact from the school office and all tardy days are documented on report cards.

Students really miss quite a bit of information when arriving late in the morning and it is disruptive to the rest of the class.You would be amazed at what we learn in the first 5-10 minutes of the day!!!!! 

Please refer to both student handbooks for student dress guidelines. Flip-flops, halter tops, short-shorts, and spaghetti strap tops for example, are not allowed at school. School expectations and general school rules are also included in the handbooks. Click below to view Thank you! :)

Please let your child help pack their own backpack for school. Many times the children do not know what they have in their backpacks! Teachers do not check backpacks, students are responsible for checking every morning and taking out papers and purple folders that need to be turned in (but we do give daily verbal reminders!). Please do not be alarmed if papers are still in student backpacks when they return home from school! This is very common at the beginning of the year. We are teaching students to check their own backpacks and be more independent, which is very different than preschool!

Please check your child's backpack everyday and try to read all the information sent home. There is school work sent home for you to review and school related event information as well. Thank you so much!!!!! :-)

When purchasing hot lunch, buying fundraising items, or sending money to school for any reason, please put money in an envelope or zip bag and label it with your child's name and what it is for. Thank you!!!

Did you know that it takes on average 8 exposures to learn something new, but 22 exposures to unlearn something that is incorrect, a poor habit, or an inappropriate behavior? Just food for thought.......... 

*Please practice birthdays (month and day) phone number and home address with your child! This information is part of our kindergarten report card and we will be asking your child for this information. Thank you!

*Please practice shoe tying, zipping and buttoning. The children need to be able to get dressed and ready for recess, gym class, and dismissal independently. Self-help skills are a very important part of learning to be a student in school. If possible, please send your child to school in clothing and shoes that they can put on independently!

 Please make sure you label all personal items your child brings to school with 1st and last names. We make every effort to help students keep their belongings safe, but labeling is the best way to ensure that your child keeps from losing items. Use masking tape and/or a permanent marker (Sharpie) to label all items please.

Please dress your child for the weather, we go outside for recess each day that we are able!


Have you ever wondered why teachers ask young students to color so much? The document below gives some great information about why coloring is such an important part of early learning.


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