Eureka Math

Eureka Math is our new math curriculum. This will be our 2nd year using Eureka. Math folders will start coming home on Fridays. Please read, empty and return on Monday. 

We are learning to write numbers to 10, find hidden partners (2+1=3) hidden partners are 2,1, and count objects to find the total.

Here is a link to Eureka Math problem sets and homework in case you need to support your child in completing homework correctly.

Please use Zearn at home to practice math skills taught at school

Our Jungle Store will be open for business! Students earn 1 Duffy Dollar per school day for completing homework and staying on green. Students can shop at the Jungle Store every other Friday. If a student has been moved to yellow or red for Bucket Dipping behavior, they lose their Duffy Dollar for that day.

Students must count their money to make purchases and decide whether they want to shop or save their money for more expensive items. This a great way to learn math skills, provide positive reinforcement for Bucket Filling behavior, and financial skills! This is called a token economy. Below is a brief description.

A token economy is an in-class positive reinforcement program for building up and maintaining appropriate classroom performance and behavior. Token programs involve the distribution of tokens (for example, pennies, stickers, stars, smiley faces, etc) or points following appropriate behavior. The tokens or points can be accumulated throughout the day and exchanged for designated rewards at a specified time. A predetermined goal is set for the number of tokens or points required to earn a reward. 


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