Homework Hut

 Please check below for homework information!

Mrs. Duffy's Red Monkey Homework- Expect homework Monday-Thursday. I try not to give homework on Friday's but some weeks it may be necessary. 

All homework should be written by your child in pencil, including their name!

 Everyday- Read a book and add it to your read-at-home journal (don't forget to add online books) You may list on paper if you have lost the red read at home folder. Students receive a free pizza coupon from Pizza Hut when returned!!! This is monthly homework!

Please have your child practice writing their first name (please practice writing name with a capital for 1st letter only and the rest of the letters lowercase) on their all their homework.  Color neatly, and always put forth their best effort! Establishing the habit of turning in quality homework on time begins in kindergarten

Your child should be able to be able to complete homework with very little assistance. Question your child about the pictures and/or words on the homework pages to prompt recall if they are having trouble. The words and/or picture names contained in homework reinforce what was taught in class. Answers are at the bottom of each Superkids homework page just in case!

Please use the Superkids Website to practice skills taught in school! www.superkidsreading.org

Did you know that it takes on average 8 exposures to learn something new, but 22 exposures to unlearn something that is incorrect, a poor habit, or an inappropriate behavior? Food for thought.......... 

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